Monday, April 11, 2011

What A Day..hehe..hihi..huhu..hahahaha =)

I woke up at 7.45am today just to prepare myself for the TMX presentation (IT class). Actually, we were supposed to meet at 9am with the other group members to submit the assignment but I've told myself to get up early as I'm a "tortoise" when I'm having a shower.haha..

So, we all wore pink attires today and I did a natural look for myself for the sake of our presentation. Our topic is about breast cancer and our group's name is associated with "PINK RIBBON". That's why my group members planned to wear all pink today.hehe..

First of all, we had a CPBN class at 10.30, in which we continue to do the procedures about bandaging and the setting up of an intravenous therapy. The only thing that I'm still not expert with was doing the spiral-reverse bandaging. I just can't make myself do the thing properly. I wondered, is it due to the fact that I'm a left-handed? Nooo.....that's not gonna ruin my confidence. I just need to practice more so that I can get used to it.

The presentation started at 2pm today. There were so many groups who are going to present their websites. Unfortunately, not all groups (including us) were able to make their presentation today because of the time limit :( So, the lecturer decided to postpone to next Monday. That was so sad..we have to come again for the presentation next week..huhu..

Despite all these tensions going on, my friends have been planning to go to the cinema to watch a movie. The plan was made yesterday while we were burning the midnight oil to finish up the assignment webpage. We decided to watch "Ghost Must Be Crazy", a funny plus scary kinda movie. It's just like the "Scary Movie" to me.haha.. We had so much fun tonight and really felt like the burdens carried from last week have been released. :D

Thanks to my cool buddies for making the night so amazing and fun. We have been screaming and LOLing so hard at the cinema today..hahahahaha =)

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