Thursday, March 17, 2011

Done with the 2nd day of posting of the 2nd week.

Not much procedure done today as the objective is just to do oxygen administration and using the pulse oxymetry.

Though the objective is stated so in the book, but we couldn't do anything about it because there were no patients on oxygen tank or need the oxygen badly.

So, all we did was interviewing the patients by taking their past medical history and some other related backgrounds. By doing that, we are also doing the Nursing Care Plan as well (which is the 1st objective needed to be achieved last week).

Today, our clinical instructor in on leave so we have another C.I to replace her in order to supervise us throughout our posting. And that really make all of us relief because there was no one yelling at us if we make any But, next week we will be facing her again..:(

The fun and amazing thing today was that I finally passed my blending technique!hehe..thanks to the blending brush that I've just bought a few days ago. This is the 1st time ever that I blend my eyes quite well and I'm so amazed with the result. :P

I still have to improved my skills in blending because it's the key to nice, blended shadows. 

I told ya..if only I could become a make-up artist, I would definitely do so rather than being a nurse in the future..hahahaha

But, that would never happen to me because I'm destined to become a nurse. Nurse is a noble profession and highly respected nowadays. That's okay because as a nurse I can still be a make-up artist on my own. Who says nurses can't go to work without make-up?

Every profession needs make-up and that's only applicable for might need them as well but not as much as women due to the fact that "we are who we are"..haha

Anyway, I am satisfied with that look today. It's called the "Natural look" which is wearable for you to wear to school or work whenever you want something natural for yourself.

Ouuuhh....seems like I've been rambling too much about my look..sorry bout

I think I'll end it here. I need shower right now.. It was so hot in the ward just now. See ya in the coming update.
p.s : FYI I seldom update my blog..too bad for me..hahaha :P

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I feel so sick right now.
Already got the mild signs yesterday but today it's getting worse.
My feet feels cold, my throat is itching (probably being infected from a friend yesterday) and the worse feeling right now is that I have a mild cramping sensation at the abdominal region (due to the fact that I'm having every "girls' problem" right now).
I can't stand for a long period of time as my hip would get tired easily.
Crap! it's horrible to be in this kinda situation.
Plus, our clinical posting to the general hospital will be on this Thursday.
How am I supposed to cope with it if this goes on?huhuhu...
I don't wanna attend to the patient in a sick and weak manner.

In fact, I can even list down some of the nursing diagnoses and that will be :
1) Pain at the abdominal region
2) Altered comfort
3) Fatigue
and all these are related to that girls' problem thing..hehehe

And 1 more thing that worries me a lot right now (EXAM....)
It's the last paper for tomorrow.
But, it's driving me crazy because there are lots of topics to study.
And it's all about the Digestive & Musculoskeletal System.
It's such a boring topic and that's the thing that makes me feel like I'm not in the mood of absorbing anything from the notes given especially about carbohydrates, protein and lipids metabolism.
Hopefully, I can do my best in preparing and revising everything tonight.
p.s : stop playing facebook's game, tweeting and Youtubing for the moment. :D