Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Somehow... @__@

I just saw her album which was posted a few minutes ago.

Firstly, her profile picture really caught my attention to see her wall even more. And that's when I saw that particular album.

I scroll through her pictures one by one and all I could say was "WOW"...I was so amazed and happy to see all of them celebrating her 21st birthday together.

She celebrated her 21st birthday together with her family, relatives, her bf and her bro's bf as well. I was shocked to see my cousin bringing her gf but that made me proud of him though.hehe..

I bet they were all having a very good time especially her who was the birthday girl. Plus, her bf was there too and finally they met after a very long time.

Done with all the pictures, I took another glance at all of them at once. Somehow, I envy them but it's not that I hate them. They're related to me so what's the point of hating each other, right?

How I wish that ......(kinda personal somehow).....hmmm.......:(

Anyone won't understand what I'm trying to say here..
what a "hanging" storyline...
I'm the only one who knows what the crap I'm talking about..
so, who cares..this is just a 'sigh post' of today..
but now I'm OK..yeah..okay I guess...*convincing myself*

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