Tuesday, April 19, 2011

unpredictable me

Today is a very relaxing day for me. No classes or any other events.
OSCE, which is our clinical exam for nursing will be on this THURSDAY.
WHAT??!! Another 2 more days to revise everything..
But what am I doing? - sitting and staring in front of this laptop screen for the whole day doing nothing but online and procrastinating..
I don't know whether I should hate myself for doing nothing and wasting my time..
I just think that (maybe) I'm sick and tired of studying and I wish that I could do something else : BEAUTY-related things
nahh...booo me for being such a jerk... :(
I realized that I have become lazier and lazier each day..
I'm the type that like to do last minute work..
Whenever an exam is coming, I act as if I am confident enough to do it..but the fact is that, I am just a "FOOL"..
So, the answer is - I hate myself for always being a "FOOL"

Tomorrow my friends and I will discuss and revise all the important procedures that might come out during the exam this Thursday.
I'm so nervous thinking about the examiners' faces especially the strict ones and the ones that might scold you if you do something wrong.
But, the worse kind of face would be the sarcastic one. I promise myself that I won't look straight into their eyes or I might freak out and can't concentrate on my procedure.
Yesterday, my senior buddy did brief us about the OSCE's setting and flow. I am so thankful to him because he told us everything from the beginning till the end.
Hopefully, everything will be fine and go on smoothly this coming Thursday.
I will be the last group to perform the procedures in the afternoo. So, I'll have quite plenty of time to revise in the morning time.
Goodnight bloggers! :)

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