Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

unpredictable me

Today is a very relaxing day for me. No classes or any other events.
OSCE, which is our clinical exam for nursing will be on this THURSDAY.
WHAT??!! Another 2 more days to revise everything..
But what am I doing? - sitting and staring in front of this laptop screen for the whole day doing nothing but online and procrastinating..
I don't know whether I should hate myself for doing nothing and wasting my time..
I just think that (maybe) I'm sick and tired of studying and I wish that I could do something else : BEAUTY-related things
nahh...booo me for being such a jerk... :(
I realized that I have become lazier and lazier each day..
I'm the type that like to do last minute work..
Whenever an exam is coming, I act as if I am confident enough to do it..but the fact is that, I am just a "FOOL"..
So, the answer is - I hate myself for always being a "FOOL"

Tomorrow my friends and I will discuss and revise all the important procedures that might come out during the exam this Thursday.
I'm so nervous thinking about the examiners' faces especially the strict ones and the ones that might scold you if you do something wrong.
But, the worse kind of face would be the sarcastic one. I promise myself that I won't look straight into their eyes or I might freak out and can't concentrate on my procedure.
Yesterday, my senior buddy did brief us about the OSCE's setting and flow. I am so thankful to him because he told us everything from the beginning till the end.
Hopefully, everything will be fine and go on smoothly this coming Thursday.
I will be the last group to perform the procedures in the afternoo. So, I'll have quite plenty of time to revise in the morning time.
Goodnight bloggers! :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

midnight madness

At N-I-G-H-T, I don't sleep (can't sleep actually)..haha..

And this is what I do - My face as a "masterpiece" @ "drawing board".. :P

2 different eye colors for each eye.. just for fun though..silly thing...LOL

brown/ natural for left eye

purple/pink for right eye

then, I braided my hair


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Somehow... @__@

I just saw her album which was posted a few minutes ago.

Firstly, her profile picture really caught my attention to see her wall even more. And that's when I saw that particular album.

I scroll through her pictures one by one and all I could say was "WOW"...I was so amazed and happy to see all of them celebrating her 21st birthday together.

She celebrated her 21st birthday together with her family, relatives, her bf and her bro's bf as well. I was shocked to see my cousin bringing her gf but that made me proud of him though.hehe..

I bet they were all having a very good time especially her who was the birthday girl. Plus, her bf was there too and finally they met after a very long time.

Done with all the pictures, I took another glance at all of them at once. Somehow, I envy them but it's not that I hate them. They're related to me so what's the point of hating each other, right?

How I wish that ......(kinda personal somehow).....hmmm.......:(

Anyone won't understand what I'm trying to say here..
what a "hanging" storyline...
I'm the only one who knows what the crap I'm talking about..
so, who cares..this is just a 'sigh post' of today..
but now I'm OK..yeah..okay I guess...*convincing myself*

Monday, April 11, 2011

Do you have any scars on your body? If so, how'd you get them?

of course. falling, tripping or getting hit by something hard form those scars, scratches, bruises and, my skin is very sensitive. it turns bluish/purplish/greenish (just name any colour..haha) easily after being knock by something hard/rough

Ask $u€ anything

What A Day..hehe..hihi..huhu..hahahaha =)

I woke up at 7.45am today just to prepare myself for the TMX presentation (IT class). Actually, we were supposed to meet at 9am with the other group members to submit the assignment but I've told myself to get up early as I'm a "tortoise" when I'm having a shower.haha..

So, we all wore pink attires today and I did a natural look for myself for the sake of our presentation. Our topic is about breast cancer and our group's name is associated with "PINK RIBBON". That's why my group members planned to wear all pink today.hehe..

First of all, we had a CPBN class at 10.30, in which we continue to do the procedures about bandaging and the setting up of an intravenous therapy. The only thing that I'm still not expert with was doing the spiral-reverse bandaging. I just can't make myself do the thing properly. I wondered, is it due to the fact that I'm a left-handed? Nooo.....that's not gonna ruin my confidence. I just need to practice more so that I can get used to it.

The presentation started at 2pm today. There were so many groups who are going to present their websites. Unfortunately, not all groups (including us) were able to make their presentation today because of the time limit :( So, the lecturer decided to postpone to next Monday. That was so sad..we have to come again for the presentation next week..huhu..

Despite all these tensions going on, my friends have been planning to go to the cinema to watch a movie. The plan was made yesterday while we were burning the midnight oil to finish up the assignment webpage. We decided to watch "Ghost Must Be Crazy", a funny plus scary kinda movie. It's just like the "Scary Movie" to me.haha.. We had so much fun tonight and really felt like the burdens carried from last week have been released. :D

Thanks to my cool buddies for making the night so amazing and fun. We have been screaming and LOLing so hard at the cinema today..hahahahaha =)

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Alright, I wanna clear up everything at this moment regarding the previous "issue" that I've posted just now.

I don't think the "outsider" will stay with me. Thank God..

There was no signs of knocking the door, which means that my room is safe from being "booked" by any of them.haha

I'm not trying to be mean/selfish but I really don't like sharing rooms with other people when I am already being comfortable alone. I'm used to it until now.

But it's different when I'm at home. I like sharing bedroom with my own siblings. :P

When I went out of my room and talked to my house mate, she said that another two of our house mates will share their rooms with the seniors. I was so excited upon hearing that.

Luckily, my own room mate didn't check out her name from the college list although she's not staying with me anymore. If not, I would be considered staying alone in this room. Thanks, room mate. :):)

Ouh mannn....... :(

Darn it!

I heard the medical seniors from Sibu will be coming back to this college. And I heard the college office lady was talking to one of them outside the room just now.

This means that they will be looking for empty rooms or anyone who have no room mate.

I will be one of them whom they will look for because I've no room mate right now. Plus, I've got another house mate who also don't have a room mate. But hopefully I'm not the one to be chosen but my other house mate.

All this while, I've been staying alone in this room and I'm free to do anything I want without anyone looking at me or disturbing me.

I hope the college office lady doesn't know that my previous room mate is not staying with me.

Although my previous room mate doesn't stay with me, she still leave most of her stuffs inside this room like pillow, bed sheet, locker and she even lock her cupboard. Her clothes and other stuffs are still in the cupboard.

So, if any of the seniors want to book my room, I'll have the appropriate reason to make her cancel her 'booking'.

I really hope that outsiders are not allowed to come to this room. Everything belongs to me now. I'm not going to let anybody sharing room with me.

I'm comfortable staying alone because I can do anything I want. I can sing out loud, dance like crazy, yell and etc......

Please...please...please........dear Lord, hear my prayer.