Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ouh mannn....... :(

Darn it!

I heard the medical seniors from Sibu will be coming back to this college. And I heard the college office lady was talking to one of them outside the room just now.

This means that they will be looking for empty rooms or anyone who have no room mate.

I will be one of them whom they will look for because I've no room mate right now. Plus, I've got another house mate who also don't have a room mate. But hopefully I'm not the one to be chosen but my other house mate.

All this while, I've been staying alone in this room and I'm free to do anything I want without anyone looking at me or disturbing me.

I hope the college office lady doesn't know that my previous room mate is not staying with me.

Although my previous room mate doesn't stay with me, she still leave most of her stuffs inside this room like pillow, bed sheet, locker and she even lock her cupboard. Her clothes and other stuffs are still in the cupboard.

So, if any of the seniors want to book my room, I'll have the appropriate reason to make her cancel her 'booking'.

I really hope that outsiders are not allowed to come to this room. Everything belongs to me now. I'm not going to let anybody sharing room with me.

I'm comfortable staying alone because I can do anything I want. I can sing out loud, dance like crazy, yell and etc......

Please...please...please........dear Lord, hear my prayer.

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