Monday, May 30, 2011

The 1st day of the 3rd week of our clinical posting... So what do you expect? :P

It's amazing how my legs are getting less tired than the previous weeks..haha

Also, we are improving more on our skills in the ward. Not only that, we also have improve on our communication skills during the interview session with the patient.

Usually, I'll target a patient that is actively speaking. I don't want the type of patient who answer me a single word when I'm asking him/her a question. I want more information from the patient according to her explanation or experiences before.

Today, there not many students from the other institutions attending the shift because this week is supposed to be a holiday for Gawai. But, only us and a few others from the other college came for work today. This makes the ward less crowded with student nurses and there is less competition for grabbing certain target procedures. :P

So, Wednesday and Thursday will be a public holiday for the Gawai celebration! I can't wait for that. I'm going back tomorrow afternoon after my shift has ended. Tonight I'm going to pack my stuffs and get ready for tomorrow. :D

Today, we got to do wound dressing finally. But, I only act as the assistant for my friend..hehe..

Today, we met a patient with a very big tumor on her rt breast. I've never seen that before in my whole life! But, I felt very sorry for her condition. She's such a brave and determined lady.

Hmmm...forget about that. It's not appropriate to talk about someone else. It should be confidential for the patient. Anyways, I'm not revealing the patient's personal information though..hehe..So, just assume that her name is Madam G. :)

I hope Madam G will go through the operation and everything would be fine. I want to see her live her life without any burden. God bless you, Madam G.

Overall, today is quite a busy day and we didn't realize how time fly so fast. And you know what? I really like today..hehe :)

Much Love, Sue xoxo