Sunday, April 10, 2011


Alright, I wanna clear up everything at this moment regarding the previous "issue" that I've posted just now.

I don't think the "outsider" will stay with me. Thank God..

There was no signs of knocking the door, which means that my room is safe from being "booked" by any of them.haha

I'm not trying to be mean/selfish but I really don't like sharing rooms with other people when I am already being comfortable alone. I'm used to it until now.

But it's different when I'm at home. I like sharing bedroom with my own siblings. :P

When I went out of my room and talked to my house mate, she said that another two of our house mates will share their rooms with the seniors. I was so excited upon hearing that.

Luckily, my own room mate didn't check out her name from the college list although she's not staying with me anymore. If not, I would be considered staying alone in this room. Thanks, room mate. :):)

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