Monday, February 21, 2011


Yeah..the title says it. I was on a 3-day vacation to Sabah and Labuan last weekend. I flew to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on Friday afternoon just after we had a short briefing about the coming exam with our lecturer. I thought I was going to be late to check in at the airport but then when I reach there, there were not many people queuing at the counter. Thank God. :)
This is not the first time I go to Sabah and Labuan and yet I was pretty excited because I love travelling and seeing interesting places. So, I don't want to ramble anymore. Let's get on to the pictures that had been taken during the vacation!

the new shopping mall called "SURIA" in KK, Sabah

Inside the ferry, on the way to Labuan island. It took us more than 3 hours to reach there.

@ Ujana Kewangan, the so-called UK in

mirrors are everywhere so don't let go the chance to take some shots..haha

this is not a fake's real..what's your perception on this?

3rd day : @Kundasang,Sabah. The view of Mount Kinabalu from far. It amazed me so much

That was pretty much about the short vacation that I had experienced last weekend. I took a flight back to Kuching on Sunday @2105. We were rushing to go to the airport all the way from Kundasang. I was fortunate to reach the airport before the last call for checking in was over. I thought I was already too late for that but thank God we've made it! Right now, I already miss the fun that we had during our 3 day vacation. I wanna go there someday once again. And it must be a long holiday vacation which will not interfere with my class schedules. I'm longing for that!lol :) :) 

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