Friday, January 7, 2011

I want the old Paramore back :(

josh farro

this is what i miss the most ;(

the things that remain
i really miss the old Paramore so much. i miss how they r close to each other n be like siblings. but ever since they had made a very sad decision, i felt so frustrated and down. the new Paramore is kinda 'silent' without the Farro brothers. no more Zac n Josh. why did this happen?? what's the overall meaning of their recent album (Brand New Eyes) which they consider as seeing things or situations in a whole new perspective? "letting go the past and just see each other in a new way". so what's the point now? because "all we know is falling" once again. the history repeats itself. whenever i think about this issue, there is no other way to act. only God knows what they r struggling with right now. hopefully, every member of the band forgive each other and start off with a new future. i hope to hear the best from them after this. after all, Paramore is (still) a band.

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